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Men's Blazers and Waistcoat 

Mens Fashion!

Waistcoats are becoming increasingly popular and are eye-catching and throw a Stylish Look.

Waistcoat can be worn with a three-piece suit, paired with a jacket and trousers. It is sleeveless in pattern and should be worn with a tie or bow tie.

When it comes to men's clothing, Waistcoat  makes a man look more stylish with the perfect fit and goes well with all styles of trousers.When worn,this piece can add a new dimension to your look. 
The Waist belts give a perfect shape to the physic which is loved by almost all Men.

Waistcoats for Men 

The Black Waistcoat! Black is the first choice for all of us as it matches any colour and gives a royal look. Nothing can beat the rich-look of a black outfit.

A three-piece suit is the most beautiful combination and suitable for formal and modest events, but at the same time simple.

Below is the view of how a Black Waistcoat looks when paired with a white or a light shaded shirt .
This combination is suitable for official events as well as functional occasions.
All you need to do is to pick the right choice for yourself and most importantly the "Tie" that you choose makes a lot of difference when we refer to a perfect Trendy Look.

Waistcoats for Men Online

Party Wear Waistcoat for Men

Blue! The decent colour that makes you look different and unique.
The choice of colour defines your taste of style and trend.
This colour goes well with a dark shaded trouser or even a casual jeans.
You can also try it with a white trouser and that would be mesmerizing!!

Party Wear Waistcoat for Men Online

Casual Men's Waistcoat

You may want to try this marroonish shade with a jeans or light shaded cotton casual pants or chinos.
This shade is the best match for party occasions.

Casual Men's Waistcoat Online

Men's Slim fit Waistcoat

Want to look look slim and stylish? 
The Grey shade can be preferred for official events or meetings.
This shade goes well with dark shaded blazers and gives you a decent look.
You can also wear it to work as the waist belts make you look good and light .The belt is adjustable as per your size to give you a Tailor-stitched finish.

Men's Slim fit Waistcoat Online

Waistcoat for Wedding

Wedding! An important moment of life which everyone wants to live to the fullest and look their best.
Waistcoat is the Trending choice and one of the most preferred Wedding Dress for Men.
When wearing a casual jacket or casual attire it could be a Wedding function  or a party with friends, this outfit matches perfectly.

Men's Waistcoat for Wedding Online

Indian Designer Blouses | Trendy Blouse Designs | Latest Patterns


Indian Designer Blouses 

"The Blouse " , an important  attire without which a Saree, A Lehenga or any traditional wear is incomplete.

As the Food is incomplete without adding Salt, similarly a traditional attire is of no much value add unless paired with the right match of blouse.

Blouses also share an emotional bond with Women  and most women always try on it with various other garments such as saree, lehenga, gown etc. 

The typical Indian blouse looks very beautiful when worn with a saree as the classic, traditional and modern designs continue to express the true beauty of a woman. The beautiful blouses are designed with brocade and Zari embroidered work on the neck and sleeves with  quality fabrics .

We ensure  that the woman feels comfortable while wearing one such stylish dress.

                                    Trendy Blouse Designs

Trendy Blouse Designs Online

Trendy Blouse Back Designs Latest Fashion

Trendy Blouse Back Designs Latest Fashion

Trendy Black Designer Blouse 

The Black Blouse is always the first choice and preferred as a mix match for almost every type of attire.
The Black Designer blouse gives a attractive look when worn with even the simplest saree.
Being the all time Favourite, Black always make you look more beautiful and eye-catching look.

Visit us on for more such Designer Blouse Patterns.

Trendy Black Designer Blouse

Trendy Matching Designer Blouse 

These Long Sleeved Blouses are suitable for plain sarees, cotton sarees and throw a decent formal look

Trendy Matching Designer Blouse

Maharashtra Tradition | Fashion Jewellery | Rani Haar

Maharashtra Tradition - Fashion Jewellery 

India is known for its vast culture and traditions.

Every state has a uniquity when it comes to jewellery and attire.

Jewellery shares a special bond with Women and adds to her beauty. 

Indian Attire becomes more special when matched with the right combination of jewels..

Rani Haar - The Maharashtrian Fashion

To your attention and love, we have found the most beautiful Rani Haars in the world of jewelry. 

The diversity is so great that  every Women would love to  wear such Rani Haar designs for their weddings and other important events  

Be it Weddings or special occasions, we have the Trending Fashion jewellery handpicked collections.

Rani Haar Necklace Designs


Rani Haar is designed as a long chain of pearls with many strings. 

It is one of the most popular designs in North India and women of all ages wear this to various events. This Rani Haar is paired with a necklace which adds elegance.

Latest Fashion Rani Haar                    Latest Necklace Designs 2020

      Latest Necklace Design Rani Haar  

Latest Necklace Design Rani Haar

Rani Haar are made of  attractive Pearls, precious stones  and the jewelry looks beautiful, very traditional and suitable for ethic Indian wear.

The  Panchlada Rani Haar is made up of  Five strings or layers , giving a  perfect  look .

Kundan Rani Haar

Kundan looks amazing on any type of jewelry. 

Kundan Jewelry is Rani Haar's leading style among brides and modern women.

Kundan Necklace Sets Online

The Kundan Rani Haar  in Trending now and is designed with short or long layers which suits the requirements of different ethnic wear.

Visit us @ 

Oxidized Necklace Sets Online

Designer Indian Kurtis for Women | Latest Fashion | Kurtis and Long Dress Style Online

Designer Indian Kurtis 

Long or short Kurtis, these are pieces of clothing that look great and ad as a special wardrobe for all girls. From chiffon to cotton to silk, their range is enormous.

Designer Kurtis Online

Designer Kurtis Online

If you like ethnic designs, these long Kurtis should definitely be a part of your wardrobe.  It makes you look kind, and at the same time has style and fashion.

Latest Fashion Long Kurti Dress

Designer Long Kurtis Online

The quality of the fabric and the work of the mirror and the filter in this kurti are some of the best features. 

Floral prints in yellow, red and many other jelly colors are best in kurti color that will make you look fashionable and stylish You will feel more confident and comfortable when you wear these Decent beautiful gown style Kurtis.

Latest Design Kurti Sets Online

Latest Design Kurti Sets Online

Long Kurtis

Long Kurtis have become a very popular method for women of all body types

Long Kurtis are a style statement for many and long Kurtis can be the perfect outfit for any occasion depending on their design and you should be aware of their popularity as a casual dress. They make you look tall and bold. They make you feel comfortable. The combination of comfort and style is what makes long Kurtis a popular outfit.

We have the most popular designs on long Kurtis and dresses available in our store 

Please check out our latest Kurti designs @ 

Latest Fashion Long Kurti Dress

Latest Fashion Long Kurti Dress

Must-Have Necklace sets | Fashion Jewellery Online | Latest Necklace designs

Must-Have Necklace sets for Every Occasion!!

From ancient times, the ornaments have been an important part of women's life and Women share a special connection with jewels..

In a country like India where every region has its own culture and tradition, jewellery defines the Indian culture and makes the Women look complete.

Indian culture is about celebrating the eternal universe by the beauty and the feminine personality of a Women.

Latest necklace designs Online

Latest Necklace Designs Online

Women are attracted to jewelry and Their love of jewelry is eternal. There are many types of jewelry in the culture of India and each of them is different as it describes the tradition of various regions in India. 

Each jewelry contains different items such as necklaces, pendents, earrings, bracelets,mangalsutra, anklets, etc.

Best Fashion Jewellery 

Latest Necklace designs online

Pieces of Indian jewelry are a true example of their culture and traditions. We are very much focused on culture, beliefs, traditions, ceremonies, art, the state of the Indian people. Jewelry is said to be a symbol of tradition that adds to a Women's Beauty.

Necklaces and earrings are a weakness for all women and to add a better finish to a single style, a piece of jewelry around the neck and earrings will do an excellent job. From the women's jewelry section, the beautiful Pendant Set is an important part.

Party Wear Jewellery

 Latest Necklace designs online

Today jewelry is all about fashion, and women wear different jewelry at different occasions. On a happy wedding day, a woman wears heavy necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc., and sometimes a woman prefers to wear simple trendy jewelry.

Matching Jewellery

Latest Necklace designs online

Beaded gold jewellery style or gold coin jewellery styles are also another two great options to consider pairing with a traditional attire.

There are countless options when one puts their mind to wearing a set of amazing jewelry made of beautiful pearls and stones. The rich shade of  outfits gets the embellished beauty and people will love it immensely when it reflects the bright light and light of the pearls glitter even more..

Designer Jewellery 

Latest Necklace designs online

Latest necklace designs Online

Saree! An attire that defines Indian Culture | Designer sarees Online | Women Latest Saree Collections

Designer Sarees Online

Sarees are symbols of Indian tradition 

We all want to look good and feel unique with the best clothes and accessories,right? 

And when it comes to the special moments of our lives like weddings, parties or festive occasions, we want to be a head turner and off-course look the best!

You know that there are variety of Saree styles in India and we have different collections that adds to a beauty of women.

Latest Design | Silk Sarees Online

Latest Design | Silk Sarees Online

Saree is a unique style of design, rich embroidery work,  silk border, color combinations and a continuous style that becomes a fashion statement among women who always want to dress up the events in style. 

Every women wants to look like princess and be different in every way!
When we talk about a covered saree; is a favorite of all time - the Banarasi silk that comes to mind first as it has attractive weaving techniques in Gold and Silver Zari that form the basis of its design. The flawless embroidery work of one such Indian designer captures the attention of all!

Best Fancy | Party Wear Indian sarees Online

Best Fancy | Party Wear Indian sarees Online

The Indian style saree is characterized by intricate weaving patterns and seamless hand embroidery work that really makes a difference and gives a unique look and such collections are more preferred for weddings, parties, celebrations and festive occasions. 

It is a designer saree that is a much-needed privilege during the wedding or functions and Indian clothing are simply 'eye-catching'. 

Latest Indian Online Saree Store

Latest Indian Online Saree Store

We have a huge collection of hand-loom, cotton , silk, chiffon Sarees with the latest and unique handpicked  designs for the new generation suitable for casual wear and ethnic wear.

Visit us @  to know  the latest deals on unique collections.

Women Latest Saree Collection 2020

Women Latest Saree Collection 2020
Latest Indian Online Saree Store


What should you Do Before Starting Your Own Business | Start-up Business Tips 2020

What should you Do Before Starting Your Own Business | Start-up Business Tips

E-commerce start-up Business tips

Starting a small business is no small decision!

Here are 10 things you need to do before starting a business and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

1. Create a Vision

What customer problem solves that potential customers are willing to pay for? This is often called a value proposition.

2. Focus on understanding the market

There are many examples of companies that do not have the best product or service or that are not the first to sell, but are very effective because they are able to advertise and sell online. what their customers say about them on social media.

3. Start  with a small setup and grow

If possible, support your business idea and seek support where you can create a growth story. This may result in you separating your product / service from underground items so that you can pay for the initial installation and gain experience and experience.

4. Take your time, understand your strengths and weaknesses

When you run a business, know when to get involved with an accountant, attorney, insurance agent, marketing specialist, web designer, or other professional. This will start your management process as a business owner.

5. Be between teachers and counselors

Starting and growing a business is difficult, No one can have all the knowledge, experience, or vision to deal with all aspects of a business. Gain the skills and experience of others.

6. Find a mentor

Find a mentor near you or a contact counselor who can guide you.

7. Write a business plan

Starting a business is difficult and risky; It's easy to use all your time and resources on it. Before you start, find out what kind of business you will have. Will it be the end of management, partnership, company? Then integrate your plan. Keeping a written plan with your results and goals organized is the best way to stay tracked.The business plan will incorporate your concrete ideas and will help you identify areas to change the business model where necessary.

8. Know your numbers

Have a good grasp of the numbers that tell you how your business is doing and what to expect. This includes your start-up costs, sales, fixed profits,

9. Understand that nothing is available

Do not underestimate this: You will work hard to achieve everything.Becoming a small business owner is one of the most difficult tasks. In a recent survey, 40 percent of small business owners say they do not take vacations and that their money is tied to their business.

10. Be passionate about what you do

Being a founder of a business can be very lonely and there are not enough hours a day to accomplish everything.

From great success to great reduction, if you are not rewarded for every step of the way, your work becomes much more difficult. Remember why you started your business and let your love continue for you.

About this Article:

In this article, we have tried to give an overview and tips for starting a new business. Hope we were able to give a value add and provide you the information which may help you in your business vision.

Thank you for Reading

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Best Business Ideas in Lockdown | Start-up Business Ideas | Business Tips


Best Business Ideas in Lock-down | Start-up Business Guidelines

Best Business Ideas in Lock-down

Corona virus is a highly contagious disease that affects the lives, technology, economy, and lifestyle of everyone. This has created uncertainty about health and massive loss of mobility, income, and jobs affecting the economies of almost every country in the world.

In this situation where things are deteriorating and there are no vaccines or ongoing treatment for COVID 19, we cannot lose hope and influence and remain idle without waiting for things to become normal.

Let's face it; It can take months, perhaps years, for the current situation to be limited.

In this context, we all need to focus on seizing the current job opportunities COVID 19 Lock-down has produced and maintained high levels of hope and hope to maintain our mental, economic, and physical health.

Businesses have lost much and people have lost their jobs due to the severe economic downturn caused by COVID19. We can't wait for anything else without doing anything. Therefore, we need to know, make a decision, act and think about businesses that can be started at home during the closure.

Here are some business or career ideas that one can start to survive in the problems of COVID 19:

Online Teaching

Education is one of the endless activities of the world. Even corona viruses cannot stop teaching young minds. One can access online video tutorials, online courses, special classes, webinars, or Zoom tutorials to reach a large number of students who wish full meaning and understanding unspecified concepts and the completion of academic syllabuses.

Freelancing Projects

General tasks such as content writing, website updates, editing, publishing, journalism, photography, exercise instructions and exercise techniques, translation, data entry, and many other such activities are readily available to the needs of employees in the fields defined in each increment over a day.

You Tubing

More and more people are opting for YouTube's small business marketing program and have started using a much larger platform to earn an income. YouTube videos are being captured and are now in-house sales for people who are homeless and have a lot of time on hand. This allows people to create funny and entertaining videos, garden and agricultural work, dance and other arts, design, cooking, and much more to make their own videos and publish them on YouTube. A number of subscriptions like sand can help them earn a little more in this regard.


This is a great opportunity for people to put their ideas and ideas into the community, giving them a better idea of ​​a variety of topics. This often helps people who like to write and have a nag of it. A blogger reaches a large number of people and can earn good money through sponsored and relevant posts and ads.

Website Development

Everyone is not a techy person, and it can take years for them to have a technology that uses technology. This is where professionals or people with the right skills with their technical skills put in and can help those who have to start a new career. Even a thriving business that has gone from physical sales to online markets may need some help with website design, thus providing designers and developers an equal share of revenue and profits.

Arts and Crafts / Home Design

Even mothers who used to stay at home unemployed, are now considering contributing to leadership so that the family can turn talent and skills into business ideas. Men and women work in the crafts, making handicrafts of clothes, toys, food, or cucumbers, or try their luck in art and crafts and transfer the same way and technically to the desired society. These local businesses are on the rise, and there is no suspension of converting born-in talent into a thriving business opportunity.

Marketing health care needs.

Masks, sanitizers, and medical products are in high demand and do not seem to be out of date. One can start a business idea by looking at similar availability to connect with retailers, retailers, and local retailers through appropriate sales and distribution. Many large companies have closed their previous businesses and entered the same market to make f financial burdens on it.

Door delivery door

Courier service or door-to-door shipping of high value items such as groceries, herbs, or other related degrees is also a good step. For fear of COVID 19, can people risk going out of their comfort zone and waiting for everything to be brought to their door? By taking the necessary safety measures, one can easily start this business.

Food Service

Everyone seems to have emerged as a senior manager during the closure. It has given them a lot of time and opportunity to try different ways of cooking and to spend quality time with their families, to deliver new food items and options with endless new ideas. Many people have taken up this hobby

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In this Article, we have tried to give some ideas of business that can be opted in the current lock-down situation.

Thanks for Reading Folk's

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What is E-Commerce ? Meaning | Types | How to Use E-Commerce? An Overview

What is E-Commerce?

What is E-Commerce

Understanding E-commerce in India

The internet business sector is well established in India. Also, every day some or another new player takes a plunge. However, the biggest contribution to its growth is given to the e-commerce industry. However, not many people understand the complexities involved in the e-commerce industry.

By e-commerce definition it represents commercial. Holding goods and services through electronic and online radio is called E-commerce. E-Commerce or E-commerce involves conducting business with the help of the Internet and using information technology such as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It refers to the website of a retailer that sells or provides services directly from its site to customers. They use a digital shopping cart system and allow payments using a credit card, debit card or electronic wallet transfer payments. The e-commerce industry helps to reduce the cost of managing orders while communicating with various providers and affiliate marketers. It includes any type of business transaction in which the parties meet electronically and not by physical exchange or direct physical contact.

With the advent of technology and the increase in consumer purchases across India, e-commerce is at the forefront of online business. Today, the number of internet users in the world is close to three billion, with the exception of India with a total of 259.14 million internet subscribers. Easy access to the Internet through mobile devices coupled with increased confidence of online shopping customers leads the way. As a result, an increasing number of people are signing up for e-commerce websites and buying products through mobile phones.

Commerce or e-commerce can be defined as the term used to describe the sale and purchase of anything good on the Internet, such as buying clothes, shoes, clothing or anything on the online platform, in simple terms, e-commerce is a process in which businesses and consumers sell and buy goods through electronic Medium. E-commerce includes online marketing, supply chain system, online transactions, mobile marketing and electronic data transfer, which helps businesses to grow and grow.

Ecommerce has removed the time and distance limit to buy or sell goods without having to deal with any permanent problems, in short, emerge as a business savior, provide a cool and fun business platform in which a business person can record your company's product online and grow your business differently, and by this you also bless consumers to get their desired product in an easy way without wandering here and there, your product with just one click away. The traditional way of buying and selling has completely changed after the advent of e-commerce in the Internet.

What are the Different types of E-Commerce??

Often, when most people are thinking about e-commerce, they are thinking about purchasing goods or services through the Internet. However, there is a specific way to look at the type of online transaction in terms of determining which category of e-commerce transfers falls under. and they all represent different purchasing power.

Visit us for an overview of Ecommerce platform :

There are six basic types of E-commerce - 

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)

  • Bus-to-Consumer (B2C)

  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

  • Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

Lets Understand all the Platforms in Detail 

Business to Business (B2B) 

Includes full online business views that take place between two organizations, including purchase and purchase, supplier management, inventory management, channel management, sales operations, payment management, and service and support.

Business to Consumer (B2C) 

Business to Consumer E-commerce refers to the exchange between business and consumer. It changes the traditional way of doing business with a customer by getting the goods from the Manufacturer / Seller to the buyer directly.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C) 

Consumer Consumption involves consumer engagement. This transfer may or may not involve third party involvement.

Consumer to Business (C2B) 

 Consumer to Business is a new way of trading and brings back traditional trading models. Here, consumers provide services or goods to businesses and create value for the business.

Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) 

This is a variation of the B2B2C model where there is an additional business that facilitates the first business transaction with the end buyer. 

About this Article:

In this Article, we have tried to explain you the Definition of E-Commerce, Types of E-Commerce and Process of E-Commerce. Do let us know if the article was helpful for you and write to us for the topic you need.

That's all for now Folks!

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Tips for E--commerce Startup Business India 2020 | How to Sell Products | How to build effective Business?

Tips for E--commerce Startup Business India 2020 | How to Sell Products | How to build effective Business??

Tips for E--commerce Startup Business India 2020

Folks! We all know that E-Commerce  industry is growing very fast in India  and that millions of products are being sold and bought on it on daily basis . If you also want to develop your business through e-commerce  But u don’t have idea and adequate information to start it , if you want to understand  about how does this whole system works  , in this article we will talk about the basics of E-commerce.

How you can grow your business through  E-Commerce? 

There are basically two ways of selling the products online First is that you can develop your own E-commerce website and through marketing and branding you will bring costumers. A platform  On which buyer can buy your products . And this is what we have come up with .   
Visit for an overview of E-commerce Website.

The second way is  through Marketplaces .What is a Marketplace?? 

Let us tell about marketplaces. A Marketplace is an established Company who work on seller system where for every product there are different sellers available . Every seller sells products according their categories .

To sell your product online ,You have to get registered as a seller . So, to register as a seller ,you will be required some documents Like you should have G.S.T number ,  bank account , PAN card And if you are running PVT company Then you will have to provide companies PAN card ,your email address and mobile number will  be required.
When you provide all these document to the company then you Become registered as a seller on it and  and then you come onboard, which mean that you are now ready to sell you product on it.

What is the Process of E-Commerce Business | How to Sell Products ?

Let  us now understand the inner process that how orders come and how the E-Commerce system works. After registering as a seller,  the company Provides you a panel, through the help of  which you can list your product on the website You can manage products price and all the orders which you will receive will be shown in this panel .
So whatever the product you want to sell so what you have to do basically is You should capture the item's  photographs , Which clearly describes the item .You will have to upload these photos on your panel  and You have to add it as a new product  .Also, will have to mention all the details/description of the product. 
You may have seen in online shopping that Below every product there is description of it which helps the buyers to pick the product they need. Once your product get listed on a website ,  then it becomes ready to be sold. Suppose a customer wants to buy that product ,He/She goes on the website and searches for the product name And when he finds your product then he buys it from there .
And when he/she buys the product then the panel which the company has provided you ,will start to list the order as your order And then you will have to process that order .

Let us tell you the steps of processing an order !

You will have to login in your panel .There will be some labels of the orders You will be required to print that labels and after you will pack your order you will  stick the labels on it  And the work left to do after that is picking the product from you and Delivering it to costumer .
you The courier facility which you have opted for , comes to you And take the product and deliver it customer. After 3-4 days when the product is delivered , Then the amount of your product is automatically  reflected in your bank account . 

About this Article:

Folks! So, this is how the E-Commerce system works . In this Article,we tried to cover the basics of E-commerce And if still you have any doubts Or you want to ask something You can comment below And we will surely try to reply you.
Stay with us and give us your feedback through comments Till then thank you. 


Men's Waistcoat | Blazers | Jackets | Men's Fashion

Men's Blazers and Waistcoat  Mens Fashion! Waistcoats are becoming increasingly popular and are eye-catching and throw a Stylish Look. W...